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"Moments of life is like the time of life once spent it's gone forever, so captureframe it to make it a permanent mark of your life."

 LensEyeZia Productions is a Retinal Vision of photography.

We believe to be achiever of our client's heart and memories that make us one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. LensEyeZia brings out the best form out of you whether it's Pre-Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography, Kids Photography, Maternity Photography, Family Photography or Fashion Photography. We put our soul in the heart of the country, Delhi/NCR but never give a second thought for crossing the toll bridge for the happiness for our clients. We are basically associated in New Delhi/NCR. LensEyeZia Productions makes sure that we provide you the best make-up artists to let the color of your skin gloom more, the best stylist to make the moment breathe taking, best location advisor for the photo frame to be more energetic and above all the best team of photographers, videographers and cinematographer to make you assure that your valuable time spent with us is remarkable and undoubtedly the best.

Pre-Wedding a Special Occasion 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is a delightful cake which you can only eat once in a life time. Pre-Wedding Photography is not just a photography for us it makes us realize the depth of love you should never give a second thought for it as it's​ a pulse moment of love to share your heart and soul with each other as a photography team LensEyeZia make assure that this special moment is tremendous and high to reach the sky. To be honest it's the most special celebration of your life time as there will be no look back once you are in that wedding ring so LensEyeZia suggests you to be the most inspiring couple in the town leaving no stone unturned and to make these moments magical.

pre wedding shoot in delhi

Candid : an Immense Untold Moment

These moments have the urge to be told out with full energy!!! let us give you the wings to fling , it's a special moment of freedom and to make the worth of your inner self and inner connection to be reflected in your pictures. Every one of us is not a special person or a professional actor or model to give out the best outcome and poses that is why LensEyeZia believes you should consider candid as special as wedding as it will describe the inner bond and untold connection of your love , holding hands of your spouse is not just a moment it's a untold letter which should be packed forever in a candid photography with the help of Candid Photographers of Delhi. Though LensEyeZia respects and understands such events which are precious gems of someone's love so our young passionate team believes to be the best above all.

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WEDDING : not a ritual but a Worship of two SOULS merging together

Saat Fere in front of Agni or four in front of Guru Granth Sahib or the mirror way or might be in front of the Priest in Church, this epic moment needs to be immortal with the help of the best memories capturer. LensEyeZia makes sure that we capture your special moments in such a form that whenever  you see the pictures they make you feel that it is your wedding day let it be the apple of your eye let's make the bride's gown in light and the groom's sherwani bright the buffet the light the decoration is alright but what after it you will see in your wedding file So guys don’t wait book best wedding photographers of Delhi NCR today.

Never let your Special Growing Feet to be missed

Your kid is your only breathe!!! As we have kids we realize how special we are how different our life is how responsible we are so let these things come out for your special one. The little feet will grow in just a glimpse of time and then you will regret for not capturing  your baby steps for lifetime as when he grew up might never hesitate to flaunt himself or herself, that's why LensEyeZia keeps every point in mark for the Care of Baby towards the protection during Photoshoots. As the clock will tick tock your kid will have a talk that in moments when he couldn't recognize the mirror he/she was not able to make their personality to be understood then those pictures will work it will make them see that how cute and chubby they were so that is why spending something on your kid for the Smile of his/her future is a worth deal.