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LensEyeZia Productions is the 360 Versatility of our lens which makes the magic of Love with our clients. It is an artistic framework of visualizing, creating and preserving memories in an archival form.A relationship for all aspects of your life: We don't deal with photographs we deal with your precious memories. We understand the value of a person's time we know how crucial a special moment is when they have the happening things in their life that is why we are not up to a specific boundary.Our team provides indoor, outdoor, destinations and home Photoshoots also.

LensEyezia Production is not a production of pictures it’s a production of happiness, satisfaction and building the glory in Delhi NCR.

We photograph every moment of your life whether from birth to covering birthday event or to be there in the moment of your blush time when you are getting married because capturing and making your daily life to the most glooming events is our pride, it’s something which not only tells your story but describes the identity of LensEyezia Productions.

Lenseyezia never believes in 99.9%. As we prefer the best photographer for making the best memories of your life, best makeup artists to follow your skin tone, stylists to make you look lavishing in normal wear as well, designers to bring out the best garment stock in the market, location advisor to make the worth of above one's get photographed at right place to make the worth of the photoshoot 100% or more on

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Wedding Stories

Pre Wedding, Wedding & Candid

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Kids & Family

Pre Maternity, Kids Photography & Family Photoshoots

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Fashion Photography

Portfolio & Commercial Shoot

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It is very well said the journey of life never gets easier it’s just that we get stronger.
I have a name Akansha Verma but couldn’t assume should I call myself a Photographer or a story maker through images or just an passionate girl Photographer.
My only ambition is to keep the eye on the lens and to make my pictures speak I seek photography as my love and now my only identity from last past years my work is my worship.When I captured my first shot I never knew how the years passed through Being a girl Photographer it was not easy I faced obstacles from then till now but I Believe in Knowing your passion, following it dreaming it and living it and that is what I exactly did.Yes, there were blunders of stones from family or society but my passion for photography lead my purpose which sooner became my four wheel love dream achieve drive. Nowadays when people tap my shoulder to argue I don't need words I have my work.
LensEyeZia Productions was just a dream of me and Arushi’s bright eyes which we see today in front of our eyes.I create magic from my mind through my lens.LensEyezia Productions will say it all

Arushi Lakra, the woman behind this entire LensEyeZia Productions, she has been working for this for many years, as being the agency owner she gives more meaning to our work by her vision of calling images as pieces of evidence of past & present which are preserved for future generations. She speaks about how people make mistakes regarding not choosing The Best Photographers for their special days as in any event or workspace i.e. decorations, catering, music, and audio makes a lasting effect for that particular day only but images are evident which remains with us as a mark of memories and preservations for future stories to be told to our close ones.

Perhaps being a founder she does believe a business is a venture for money but apart from that her eyes never seek for money she personally believes to be a founder of happiness from her clients to her teammates she believes to be a leader and move with every individual she is not a blind horse In this game.

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See the many faces of our team who create the stunning films, photographs and albums. Together we are

"LensEyeZia Productions"

Rohit Bajaj
Hitesh Bajaj

Kartik Verma
Hair Stylist
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Why Us?

Money can be felt but can't be eaten: Camera has a price but emotions are priceless...

LensEyeZia Productions is relevant partners of each and every happy moments of your life.There are numerous amount of photography studios in Delhi NCR, over India many photographers are there but our team is not just working for money we know a person coming towards us with a belief in heart is already a half payment for us which makes us satisfied that you made us the part of your special and unforgettable moments which itself is kind of miserable in today's world that is why we have a swing bar of budgets we make budgets for the love not for filling our pockets.

We Understand your bond and it’s hidden Shyness.Your comfort zone is our agenda.

LensEyeZia does understand the value space and emotions of your personal movement that is why we never share anything about our clients if they feel to be just under cover in SD cards.

Our Location?

Dial Our number and we will receive it in the heartbeat of the country INDIA. We work corner to corner but lives in the capital of India LensEyeZia Productions is basically associated in Delhi NCR but we never let the measurement of cities and boundaries to let down the smile our clients. Our young passionate team can travel anywhere to make the best out of your requirement of desired Pre-Wedding Shoots, Wedding Photography or Family, Kids & Maternity Shoots which are done by experts.

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