Interesting Facts About Family

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Facts About Family


Have you ever thought what is a family?

A family is the most precious blessing of God, It is a circle of strength and love with every birth and union it grows.Difficulties faced together makes the bond stronger.It is like a movie there are some romantic, happy, hardships or emotional scenes but the ending is always beautiful. 

 Family is the only blessing never chosen by us

Let the blessing shine : yes we all do choose friends our colleges our school by our own  but parents your family your kids are something different they are the blessings which are given to you by God you never choose your family that is why it just not be an untold story it should be captured and in the special events and new gestures of life.



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Family is the immortal connection of spirits

Yes, having your loved ones around is the major thing everyone wishes for but only lucky ones get an opportunity to be with their family.

Your precious memories like the disciple instructions of your father to mummer the love of your mother's food the fights with your siblings and non-stopping great gestures of your family time are always perceived with the atmosphere of love and affection which is believed to be a connecting tool to one's growth and development.



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Family is the Bond of Love

Having that epic moment of getting all love which everyone just dreamt of makes you wonder to flew in the sky by seeing how special you are to be around your loved ones.The moments are magnificent and undoubtedly the most special arena of making you wonder the high tides which you all got threw is just a miracle.



Family is like creating a clock around each other 

  No wonder if you are in a metropolitan city or in a small town time is just circled around work and achievingFamily shoot goals you may wonder how your kid grew from grade 6th to 10th in just a glimpse of a time that's why this togetherness will make you understand how these moments were not, as usual, it is the bride moment for your upcoming future your projects will be achieved but what about the family which is all by your side to be believed and time? will it stop for your success or projects?will you able to relive your memories?



Your elders are not your burden they are your shield

Protection is prevention and prevention is better than cure, we all hear things don't do this and don't' think like that don't behave like that from our elders it's just because they can't see you as a person with false humanities they want you to be the best branch of their tree that can shelter the upcoming fruits of our tree they are the shelter of us the shield around us to make us understand what is the depth of being in a stage of life with knowledge of wrong paths and to avoid that they make us feel we are wrong which we realise later on so let these emotions be pampered with a smile captured on your wall to make you feel how these harsh verbs and proverb made you the most amazing person.

Your Family Needs To be Photographed

 Family perceives love and love needs pampering: so you thought clicking on the epic and the most hearten moments of your family within yourself but no my friend these are the moments to be framed to be worshipped by you especially being lucky to have a family which some just admires it's your time to make your family go out and encounter the most desirable moments with the world and to see that a family is the only place where your safety and your doubts are being sought out and later on this time won't knock your door these events won't come every year your magnet is your family let it pull others as well.


 Family is the most amazing glory

A friendship with relationship: make this moment of your family the relationship of untold memories never walk by alone let your good washers clean your path a team is never of a person we might have a captain or a co-captain but yeah we can't accomplish glory without them so just begin it with a new road so major aspects within the heart and to be photographed.

Every family has a fairy tale with unique characters

Never skip the play of your life: oh yes we have the funny aunt the most beautiful maternal aunt and the rowdiest brother or any other.A family is the place where we all have many different and loved persons of life which comes across many different suggestions and moods then why let them only be inside your home and heart let them be free in photographs which you will remember always inside your heart.


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