Portrait Series-Diversity in our Society

New Delhi,India


 In human life diversity have always endured.The difference among individual, race, culture and society is important for the survival of our world.

There is a unique and a hidden character present in every human being which makes him look different from others.One such trait is hairstyles. 

                                   Below you will find some of the portraits of individuals with different hairstyles. 

Different hairstyles of human beings are one of the unique traits to portray the diversity of the population .Hair is defined the subtle part of a person's unique personality,  the type of hair color, the style they choose defines their oneness.

Have you ever thought why do people color their hair or keep different hairstyles? It may be due to the following reasons:-

  • Religion - Many people have some family ritual to keep certain hairstyles.
  • Just need a change- People do have the tendency to get bored easily so they try different looks just for fun or to add something interesting in their life.
  • Breakups- Yes, sometimes breakups do influence people to color their hair they just want to look dramatically changed person to start a new beginning or maybe the want to jealous their ex!!! 
  • Peer influence -This usually happen in school or college days when you just want to imitate your peers and want to keep an edge over them.
  • Celebrity influence-  celebrities immensely influence people many of them are role models and many individuals insanely imitate them.
  • want to escape from gray hair- Many people experience a boost of confidence after dying their gray hair because for many its just a curse.


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