why pre-wedding is important ?

best pre wedding photographers in delhi

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Delhi NCR

I am sure you must have thought what is pre-wedding all about? why should I go for it right?

Pre-wedding is about connecting bond of two souls together getting it done before your marriage is a very big moment of your life as it will tie you both together for whole life so you need to get your pre-wedding done.

Lenseyezia Productions provides the best pre-wedding shoot in Delhi NCR.

pre wedding shoot in delhi

what makes the pre-wedding unique?

The moment of love and untold love story

You might be wondering why to spend on a pre-wedding photo shoot well, to be honest, it is the core connection of two persons making them realising the depth of their love it's a moment of lifetime as you guys would love to do what you can't do after marriage getting those untold moments to be photographed and to get it set on your wall will make you adore your married life whole life realising the fact that how these seed of love grew into a huge tree it's not a fashion or show off it's the way to seize the growing love with wonderful outfits and locations.

pre wedding shoot ncr
pre wedding shoot in delhi ncr

How can we make your pre-wedding special?

work is worship but love is purity

As an photographer as an human being we understand what love means to a person's life what are the glooming moments that comes across a person's life when getting married that is why we love to make these moments special for you by providing you the best make-up, best candid moments best outfits suggestions premium locations at a nice budget price of your's plus we understand the intensity of love that's why we believe in working extremely hard for you guys leaving no stone unturned.

pre wedding shoot
best pre wedding shoot in delhi ncr
best pre wedding shoot in delhi

Pre-wedding let you accomplish each other's lifestyle.


BY SPENDING THAT QUALITY TIME POSING  FOR EACH OTHER GETTING the best outfits and to be together in them will make you realize how pure and true your bond is with that special person of your life. It will make you to get to know each other's likes, dislikes, comfort and the special spark that they have in their eyes for you to make you feel the most special person ever on this planet and no wonder you will get that quality time to prepare for the big day to make you help to pose in the special day for your wedding.


The perfect landing for the perfect pre-wedding shoot.

A landscape to be remembered

Yes a pre-wedding shoot requires a genuine and a location with a quality you can choose from varies variants like a place you guys first meet or a place you proposed for marriage and you can also consider us as your friend for the guidelines to the best location of your pre-wedding photo shoot coming next to the point your location will give absolutely amazing charm to your pictures so we suggest you to choose the most romantic place.

The rhymes of your love story...

Never let your love story be untold you won't have to be a celebrity to attain such attention be the person whose fame is its love.


Yes starting a wedding with a pre-wedding photoshoot will make you feel outstanding and believe in me the most special person with the ability and to conquer the love of heart and to be confident enough to make the world jealous with the love in your heart.

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  1. Hey Guys…Here is the great platform to get stunning pre-wedding photo shoot if you want to create your own unique pre-wedding album.

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Gaurav who started this brilliantly.

    I love the photos and ideas..fabulous work Gaurav…

    1. Thank You so much for your appreciation

  2. Very well written 🙆

  3. Emotions of love described very deeply

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